Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things are still GREAT!!'s been awhile since this has been updated. It's been very busy...but it's all good. This summer, we spent some time down in Maryland/DC area for a conference that Pilar went to with some teachers from her school. It was a great time!

Then, we returned to NH...and Abbie's surgery was the following week. She did awesome!! Surgery on Friday, home on Sunday night, and couch bound for 3 days...and then, like a light switch...she was up! Really...not much complaining...other than the left over stickies from the tape holding the cath to her leg and the epidural to her back. Anytime mommy tries to take it off...the tears come and, "no tape" comes out of her mouth.

Now...we're just playing our hearts out! Trying to jam pack as much fun in as we can, before Pilar goes back to work! Andrew...well, he's decided to be a big boy all of a sudden. Rolled over and sitting up on his own, all in the same week! Thinks his sister is the funniest thing around...tonight, as we were going up the stairs to put Abbie to bed (yes, that is a bed, no more crib as of last week!)...he was watching her take each step...and CRACKED UP!!! Have no clue what was funny, but he and Abbie were busting a gut with each other.

Now, Abbie and the potty training...I think we missed our's just been so busy. She definitely wants to do it...for example, yesterday, we changed her diaper, and 5 minutes later, it's off, she's holding it and informing Josh that she pooped. As he came in to check on her, she so nicely held out the diaper and peed on the hardwood. Ahhhh...Abigail. We love you!

Here are some pictures and hopefully a video....enjoy!!!